Water Ways Baja clients don't lug heavy jugs of water and are healthier for it!

Filling pitcher with water

A Water Ways Baja system frees you from lugging heavy jugs/ garafons of drinking water treated by reverse osmosis and containing plastic and disinfectant byproducts. Most, if not all, water purchased in bottles or jugs has been treated by reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis (RO) water is sometimes called “hungry water” or “aggressive water”. In the treatment process it is stripped of all naturally occurring elements and minerals. When minerals are removed from the water, an acidic and highly reactive water is created that will interact with whatever it encounters, including its new plastic jug. Imagine how this acidic water reacts in our bodies as it aggressively attempts to become whole natural water again.

There is no need to drink de­mineralized and reactive water that is poured into a “disinfected” plastic jug that is sometimes left to sit out in the sun. At Water Ways Baja we have a solution for every need: throughout your whole house or at your kitchen sink.

I don't know that much about water, other than it's wet, we need it, and it seems to get heavier every year, especially when it's stored in five gallon garafons. Tim Doyle, Todos Santos

If you are seeking health through everyday living, you want to get your minerals naturally. We believe that the abundant and synergistic nutrients and minerals inherent in our Baja Sur water is healthful and necessary. The World Health Organization agrees with us.

The WHO 196 page report on the long term effects of de­mineralized water (the water contained in garafons/ jugs at your local tienda) can be accessed here: FULL REPORT or check out this SUMMARY

Infused water pitcher


Water recipes that will have you drinking water all day long liven up your water and make hydrating easy. Beyond just lemons and limes, try adding and combining herbs, veggies and fruits to your daily carafe of water. Add the ingredients to your water pitcher the night before. Cover the pitcher and place it in the fridge. By morning the infusion of flavors has created a delightfully tasty beverage.

Here are a few easy “fresh from the tropical Baja Sur garden” inspirations:

For tons of flavor and visual appeal along with additional vitamins and minerals try adding a hint of one of our local tropical fruits and maybe an edible flower. Passion fruit, pomegranate, coconut, guanabana, lavender, strawberry, mango and jamaica are all splendid.

Tried and true combinations:

  • lime or lemon with a sprig of rosemary
  • mango and sage
  • lemon and mint
  • cucumber and mint

Need more inspiration? There are tons of water “recipes” on the internet. Check out one of our favorite sites here: Infused Waters