Happy Water Ways Baja Customers

Over 99%

That's our client retention rate.

Match that anywhere.
Go ahead. We'll wait.

Water Ways Baja maintains client satisfaction and trust years after the initial installation. We understand your needs.
We were clients ourselves first!
Here's what our clients have to say about their personal experiences with Water Ways Baja.

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Minisuper MunchiesJohn Walsh, El Pescadero.Greg and Susie FarrarAmy and Sam JohnsonDoug West, Todos Santos.Bill Bradford, El PescaderoJill Logan, Todos Santos.David and Janet Reynoldson, El Pescadero.Bill Nation, M.D., and Cathy Nation, Todos Santos.Margaret Lawson, Todos Santos.Doug Coulton and Lisa Welsch, Todos Santos.Kerrie & Laurel, Todos SantosMarilyn Martin, Todos SantosTerryl Tagg and Linda Sue Scott, Todos Santos.Brian McGuffey and Leif Holland, Todos Santos.Steve and Stephanie, Todos Santos.Alec TidyTom CarrollSusan A. Fogel, La Paz.Barbara Elsner L.Ac. Dipl.OMTim Doyle, Todos Santos.Rhoda Jacobs, Todos Santos.Carol Bailey,  Todos Santos.