You've got options.

Introducing the most technologically advanced,
economical and ecological
Water Ways Baja® Q Series water purification systems,
Mini systems, and state of the art pumps.

 Water Ways Baja Q Systems for whole house water purification

Q Systems

Whole house. Whole life.

The #1 water purification system in Baja - times two.
Our flagship system, the Quatro, just got a whole lot better.
The new Q Series elevates water purification
to an advanced level of performance.
Custom configured to match your water and your needs.
Highest technology purification and anti-scale,
and the lowest cost of ownership.
No electricity. No wasted water.

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Water Ways Baja Mini System for point of use, under sink water purification

Mini System

Big things. Small package.

Performance beyond its size.
The Mini features a compact system that fits snuggly under your sink,
with a high quality modern faucet.
Eliminate trips to the store, and that massive garafon on your counter.
Continuous flow water and purified ice.
No electricity. No wasted water.

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DAB E.sysbox water pump

DAB E.sybox

Get pumped.

Our variable speed smart pumps feature the most advanced technology.
Enjoy constant pressure the way you want it.
Like a fire hose or a soft stream, your water works like it’s supposed to.
Manufactured to the highest specifications by DAB in Italy.

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Service and Maintenance
from Water Ways Baja® Experts

We take care of everything.
Our 99% client retention rate speaks volumes.

Our program of scheduled annual maintenance
by our team of trusted experts uses proprietary parts
to keep your system working perfectly.
We constantly monitor and test changes in our local water supplies
to keep you safe and healthy, reduce costly repairs
and protect your investment.

When you purchase a pump through Water Ways Baja,
whether you have a question or a warranty claim,
we are your support team. If your pump needs to go out for repair,
we’ll set you up with a loaner pump and you’ll always have water.

We’re local, we know your water,
and the Water Ways Baja team is bi-lingual.
With decades of combined experience,
we’re right here for you in Todos Santos, only a phone call away.

fake filters baja

Fake Filters
Real Problems

Counterfeit water filters are a bigger health risk
than you can imagine.

Unauthorized use of leading water associations' logos,
and fraudulent claims about products and services on websites and packaging are rampant in our industry.

The Water Quality Association (WQA) is calling attention to the growing problem of counterfeit water filters by joining forces with the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (IPR Center).

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According to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), “Counterfeit filters make deceptive or faulty claims about fit and performance, but they lack the technologies and components for proper water filtration and appliance functionality.”

“These filters may not fit properly, causing leaks and even introducing pollutants into the water your family drinks," said Jill Notini, the group’s spokeswoman. "More importantly, these false filters make performance claims about removing impurities from water when in fact,
they fail to do so.”

“We found in our study that the counterfeits are actually putting cancer-causing chemicals into clean water. It is unbelievable how difficult it is to detect a counterfeit filter. They look nearly identical.”

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A certified, trustworthy and reliable source is the only way to ensure a water filter is legitimate and safe for your family, fixtures and appliances.