About Us

We provide our community an exceptional experience with water through innovative technology and extraordinary service.

Why Purify

When the water plumbed throughout your home is likely to contain parasites, bacteria, pesticides and viruses, you can't afford to be careless.


Water Ways Baja clients don't lug heavy jugs of water and are healthier for it!

The Science

We incorporate the latest technologies to deliver whole mineral rich water that is safe and healthy without its destructive scaling.

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Water Ways Baja

The best ways to safe, healthy drinking water

  • Custom designed drinking water purification and anti­-scale systems.
  • Affordable solutions for your home or business based upon your individual needs.
  • While you have little control over the quality of the water delivered to you, once delivered, a Water Ways Baja system gives you control.
  • Drink your municipal, Ejido, well, or trucked­-in water with confidence.
  • Eliminate dangerous pathogens in your water and effectively reduce mineral scale.
  • Brush your teeth in the shower? Feel free.

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