You’re buying or building
your dream home and creating
your Baja lifestyle, but...

your water is contaminated, unsafe, destroys your fixtures
and lugging 45 pound jugs of water gets heavier every year. Transform your everyday life with safe healthy purified water
for drinking, bathing and laundry.
It’s what you want. It’s what we do.

Rinsing strawberries in a sink

Water purification systems you can trust.

Our systems eliminate dangerous pathogens and provide total control of the water quality throughout your home or business.

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Woman raising a glass of sparkling clean water

Rule #1 in this business:
Test the Water

We know what's in your water because we’ve tested it for over 100 contaminants.
It’s why there’s nothing else
like a Water Ways Baja system.

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Gleaming stainless steel kitchen sink faucet

Investments protected.

Our Anti-scale really excels in hot water to keep your expensive fixtures, appliances and dishes looking good and lasting long.

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Bright white linens drying on a clothesline

Whiter whites. Crisper colors.

Our systems promise clean fresh laundry. For real.

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Woman after shower in bright white robe and towel

Softer skin. Softer hair.

More water equals better health.
More excellent water equals more excellent health.

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that 90 percent of the world’s water is contaminated in some way and viruses are found in drinking water all over the world.

Many pathogens are waterborne and are disseminated through our water sources.

The water plumbed throughout your home is likely to contain parasites, bacteria, pesticides and viruses. You can't afford to be careless.

Even the water you buy in bottles or refillable garafons at the store are likely to contain contaminants. With our water purification systems, you enjoy the benefits of all the healthy minerals in whole natural water without lugging around bags of ice and 45-pound jugs of water.

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