I want to be able to drink the water at every faucet and in my shower. What size system do I need for my two ­and­ a ­half bath house with two full­-time residents?

In addition to the quantity of water you use, system size is based on your water source and the age and quality of your home's plumbing. Our minimum­ whole house sized system uses two filters in Big Blue housings just to purify your water. If you would also like the benefits of anti-scaling, we add a third housing and cartridge. As our system is a custom solution for the individual needs of your home or business, the best place to start is by getting in touch with us. We'll advise you on the perfect system for your specific needs.

How much does a system cost?

Our systems start at about $500 USD and are based upon your individual needs. As a full ­service company offering individual consultation, it starts with a few easy questions. Let's see how we can assure you of safe, healthful, great tasting water. And while our prices are often substantially lower than the alternatives, our level of quality and service stands alone.

How often do the filters need to be replaced?

The service life of our filters depends solely on the quantity and quality of the water they process. This varies from an annual service interval to over three years. Once we've analyzed your source, volume of use, and other factors, we can design an efficient, affordable, and easy plan designed to keep you supplied with pure, clean, healthful water.

Can you test my water?

Absolutely. Whether you have a water treatment system in place or no treatment whatsoever, our sample collection procedure follows water industry sampling protocols to deliver accurate and clear results. We utilize the services of an independent certified water laboratory that provides you with written results.

A note about water testing: results for water through a filtration system should be stable and predictable, indicating that the system is protecting you from variances in water quality. If you have a system you are unsure of, it pays to have it tested. On the other hand, bacterial test results on non­-treated water are snapshots. They show us the bacterial levels in that sample on that day and time. It may be completely different tomorrow or even an hour from now.