About Us

Water Ways Baja is a collaborative business effort that evolved out of community need for healthy drinking water and water testing services. We offer state of the art technology within our water purification systems, while providing the expert guidance and support necessary for systems to deliver years of effective, low cost and trouble free service. Our core conviction for healthful water and superior customer service is evident in everything we do.

Charles Michaud Charles F. "Chubb" Michaud

Certified Water Specialist CWS­VI, Water Ways Baja System Designer and Consultant

Chubb is recognized as a world­ class authority on water quality improvement. He is the 2014 recipient of the Water Quality Association Hall of Fame Award ­ the highest honor bestowed by WQA for a lifetime of dedication and service to the water quality improvement industry. He is the CEO and Technical Director for Systematix in Buena Park, California. You can learn more about Chubb, peruse hundreds of articles he has authored, and read his full bio here.

Barbara S Manfrediz Barbara S Manfrediz

Water Ways Baja Owner Operator

As a previous representative of another company and on her own, Barbara has sold, installed and serviced high quality water purification systems in and around Todos Santos and El Pescadero for years. She is knowledgeable of the various water sources and how those sources, along with other factors, influence the functionality of the systems. Barbara is a member of the Water Quality Association and is a professional drinking water specialist.

In 2014, an opportunity for business presented itself. With the encouragement of numerous clients desiring a relationship with a company they could count on and trust, Water Ways Baja became a reality.

Barbara's business philosophy is simple: Learn from what the water tells us. Fix things when they are not right. Be honest and provide clients, many of whom are or will be friends and neighbors, with the best product and the best service at a price that is fair.

Local Water Experts

Several Todos Santos community members are either still employed in or are retired from careers in the drinking water or related natural resources and water industries in the United States. Water Ways Baja has their support and endorsement.

Their awareness of community need for healthy drinking water (and numerous requests for advice by friends and neighbors) have led them to voluntarily assist Water Ways Baja with expert advice and consult.

Among other things, these experts have consulted with regard to plumbing disinfection protocols, system placement and distribution of the water after purification, water sample and testing procedures and analysis. In addition, they make on-site visits to consult on challenging situations and creative pre-­filtration.

Water Ways Baja is fortunate to have the benefit and support of these local water experts to afford our clients an extremely high level of expertise and service.