We know you have choices in water treatment systems. Our clients are truly our best source of advertising and referrals.

At Water Ways Baja we strive to maintain client satisfaction and trust years after the initial installation. We understand client needs... we were clients first ourselves!

We are succeeding in our commitment to superior products and customer service and we can prove it. Every client on this list has agreed to speak with anyone desiring to hear directly from them. By speaking directly with clients that have enjoyed our professional relationship for months or years, we hope that their confidence in us will enable you to make an educated decision about who you choose for your professional water treatment needs.

Thank you for your consideration!

July 30, 2014

Alec Tidy

Baja Beans Roasting Co.
Baja Beans

Our water treatment system was installed several years ago by another company. The service from that company was poor and we had issues with our system. They would not test our water which is something we require. As a busy coffee company and cafe, we need our water system to function seamlessly and we want assurance that the water is safe to drink.

The Water Ways Baja team came in and turned everything around. We have been impressed with the diligence of Water Ways Baja to monitor our system on a regular basis and keep it running efficiently. We didn't change the system, but we changed who we work with. The people at Water Ways Baja are simply 10 times better and that gives us peace of mind. The big relief for me is now I have someone I have total trust in to keep our water safe for the benefit of our customers' health, better tasting coffee, and protection for our equipment. I am pleased to recommend Water Ways Baja for a great system, the expertise to make it work and customer service you'll enjoy.

April, 2014

Tom Carroll

Todos Santos
Water Sense

We had a whole house system install in 2012 and have been more than pleased with the performance of the system. The scale remover coupled with <1 micron particulate filtering gives us the confidence and safety we were looking for in whole house water treatment.

The system was professionally installed and has been maintenance free. Barbara Manfrediz has always responded quickly to any question I’ve had and is very knowledgeable in water filtration systems. We have many friends who have had the same system installed who are just as pleased as we are. I also was very happy to find a system that protects against virus and other pathogens, uses no electricity and does not release salts to our grey water landscape system.

Being in the water business myself, it was a pleasure to find not only a system that was trustworthy here in Baja Sur, but to find a reliable company for sales and service that I can recommend to others.

Thank you.

June 19, 2014

Susan A. Fogel

La Paz

Last week we had a water emergency in our house, and on a La Paz yahoo forum I asked for a referral to a water system provider. Several people responded with the name of the same person, Barbara Manfrediz.

I wrote an e­mail to her and explained the disaster. She called me immediately (Saturday evening) and we discussed my needs. Barbara arranged to come to La Paz from Todos Santos early on Sunday morning. She carries a complete inventory of the replacement parts that would be necessary for a system like mine. Barbara made a very scientific assessment of our needs, and explained everything clearly. This impressed us both, especially my scientist husband. She has a lab that she works with for water testing and she has access to a water quality expert in Todos Santos.

She was able to re­configure our system, which had been installed incorrectly from the outset. She conferred with the company representative who in turn spoke to the president of the company that manufactures one of the key components of our system. He also confirmed that what Barbara proposed to do was correct.

Barbara had us up and running in about 30 minutes. The water pressure in our house is better than ever, it had been terrible under the old configuration. The water tastes better and the scale problem we had in our pool should diminish. We just had the pool painted so we will be able to gauge that.

Barbara was here again today for a follow­up visit and to tweak the system. Barbara is happy to make service calls on your current system. She is happy to consult with you on what would be the best system for your needs should you be interested in purchasing a water purification system. Imagine using water directly from your tap!

Imagine swimming in water that feels soft and gentle against your skin. Imagine a life with no ugly, heavy garafons!

We are confident that our water purification system is now working as it was intended, and that Barbara will be able to keep it running.

Barbara is professional, compassionate and low­ key. You will enjoy working with her.

And most importantly she carries an inventory of replacement parts.

March, 2014

Barbara Elsner L.Ac. Dipl.OM

Todos Santos

As a health practitioner both living and working as an acupuncturist here in Todos Santos, I am frequently asked how people can change their living conditions here to improve and maintain their health.

The one absolute answer I can give is to invest in a Water Ways Baja filtration system custom designed for you by Barbara Manfrediz.

It is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to maintain your health. There is nothing like being able to brush your teeth and wash your dishes with the confidence that nothing will happen to you.

Here in Baja Sur the water has extremely high calcium concentrations which can cause many problems both physically and in your home plumbing. One of the most common issues I see here are gastrointestinal problems. Having your own clean water system drastically reduces the incidences of GI disturbances. Less skin rashes, smoother hair and skin and less problems with kidney and gallstones and bone spurs.

No more garafons with dangerous plastics and just clean great tasting water.


April, 2014

Tim Doyle

Todos Santos

I don't know that much about water, other than it's wet, we need it, and it seems to get heavier every year, especially when it's stored in five gallon garafons. I know even less about purification systems, but I am fortunate to have a retired water treatment expert as a neighbor.

When he recommended the Water Ways Baja system, I had the confidence to take the plunge, so to speak. Barbara's system has provided us with great ­tasting, hassle-­free water. I haven't picked up a garafon since it was installed months ago, and that's the way I like it.

Thanks, Barbara.

March, 2014

Rhoda Jacobs

Todos Santos

I have a water purification system in my house that I am so thrilled to have. Barbara was extremely helpful in informing us of the advantages and was present for the installation and instruction in its use. Since then, I have referred her to several clients of mine who have also installed the system. Barbara is easy to work with, and is available for any problems that are incurred well after the installation. I recommend her highly.

March, 2014

Carol Bailey,

Todos Santos

Gary and I have been very pleased with our whole house water filtration system. What a pleasure not having to buy those big heavy water bottles and to be able to use our ice maker and have refrigerated drinking water. Also it seems to have reduced the amount of soap we need for laundry and showers. Barbara was very efficient and knowledgeable during the installation process and was right there when we needed her for a new filter. Having a local representative was a real plus.